Beauty Advice & Products For Sensitive Skin by Liz Nord

I have tried loads of different skin and hair products over the years. I recently tried some new products that caused itching, hives, and some other not-so-cute blemishes, which reminded me why I should always stick with my all-time favorite brands that never let me (or my skin) down. Here are some products that I LOVE that don’t make my skin freak out! I included hair products because that affects our skin as well.

MY BEST BEAUTY ADVICE… I have super sensitive oily/dry combination skin that is prone to breakouts and rosacea, if I’m not careful. My best advice would be to find the best products for your skin type, and wash and hydrate your skin twice a day. I love Proactiv’s 3-Step System. The cleanser kills acne-causing bacteria with prescription grade benzoyl peroxide, yet is not overly harsh on my skin.


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