Divorce, Half-Siblings & Life. It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again.

Above picture from Pinterest. Quote from Benjamin Button.

Today I saw some pictures that my half-sister posted on Facebook. They were pictures of a part of my family that I don’t know very well. The pictures included all four of my older half-siblings from my father’s first marriage and photos of my father as a young man.

I only remember meeting my biological father a handful of times before he died. He died while I was in college and he and my mom divorced before I turned one. I have no memory of what he looked like as a young man, and I don’t know much about who he was and what he was like in person. Seeing the pictures of him and his first family struck a nerve deep within me. It’s painful. More

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The Whoosh of Air from Closing One Door Magically Pushes Open Other Positive, Healthy, and Creative Doors

Sometimes closing a door on part of our life can be difficult. For me, the most challenging and emotional part of making life changes is the gray area of the decision-making and the transition period that follows making the choice. Whether it’s ending a toxic relationship, standing up to a bully who veils themselves as something they are not, moving, switching jobs or schools, deciding not to have more (or any) children, choosing to stay at home with the kids, going to work full-time, simply ending a conversation, or being brave enough to state our opinions, which may not please everyone around us and could lead to the end of a relationship—we have to be authentic and do what is right in our hearts. More


I was reading in a waiting room before a doctor’s appointment last week, when I noticed a couple in their late 60’s or early 70’s sitting near by. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it was, but something about them caught my eye. More

3 Activities for Mothers and Daughters To Strengthen the Mother/Daughter Bond by Cassandra Mack

Before we get to Cassandra’s post, I just wanted to give a warm welcome to all of you new subscribers!

I look forward to more lively discussions like we had over the weekend regarding the article “Life-Threatening Anaphylactic Food Allergies at School…Unnecessary Drama”. I gleamed a lot of great information from your comments and emails, and I hope you did too! I especially liked this link someone sent me, which has a great sample outline of a 504 plan. Thank you!!

I will write a follow-up piece in the next week or so, to let you know how the school decides to handle severe allergies and how the parents respond. I will also be publishing another piece about the affects of allergies soon.

For those of you dealing with anaphylactic allergies or any other health issue, my heart goes out to you!

I hope you all have a great school year!!

Here is Cassandra…

There’s an old saying that goes, “Your son is your son until he gets himself a wife, but your daughter is your daughter for the rest of her life.” One of the reasons why the mother/daughter bond is so special is because in many ways you see yourself all over again in the hopes, dreams, experiences and struggles of your daughter. As your daughter enters the adolescent years and starts pulling away to seek greater independence, it’s important to balance time apart with time spent doing things that continue to strengthen your mother/daughter bond. Following are three activities that I have used in my mother and daughter retreats. I share them in the hopes that they will provide special interludes of joy for you and your daughter. More


A friend sent me this picture.  I love it because it’s so true.

Real friends are a rare gift to be cherished.

You know who I’m talking about… More

Thinking Aloud

Photo from The Notebook Doodles

Sometimes I don’t know what I’m thinking or feeling until I say it aloud. It’s kind of like I haven’t fully developed my thoughts about certain things or admitted certain feelings to myself until the moment the words flow out of my mouth. But, once I start openly and honestly discussing topics with friends, acquaintance, or strangers, I have small epiphanies about what is really brewing under the surface of my being, what my thoughts and beliefs are, and who I truly am.

Sometimes I even surprise myself. More

Keys to a Happy Marriage…

Photo from Pinterest.com

We hosted a party for my in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary last weekend. I think it’s fair to say that 50 years of marriage isn’t exactly common these days.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to have a happy, successful, and long-lasting marriage, so over the last several months, I’ve been interviewing women who have been happily married for a minimum of twenty-five years.

I ask all of the women the same three questions… More

Motherhood is a No Bullshi**er ~ Guest Post by Andrea Owen

Andrea Owen rocks! She is funny, intelligent, open, caring, and inspiring. Andrea is also a speaker and Certified Life Coach. She is passionate about helping women empower themselves to live their own kick-ass life.

Here is Andrea…

Do I love my kids? Check!

Am I grateful for how awesome and healthy they are? Check!

Am I so happy I get to be a mommy? Check!

Is motherhood and being a stay-at-home-mom everything I’d always dreamed it would be? Ch—-

Er… no. More

When the Joke is on You! Catty Women…

When my oldest daughter, Bella, was seven, she said, “You know mom, I know that if someone is smiling and laughing when they say something they are not always being nice or funny. Sometimes they are being mean. They are trying to cover up what they are really doing by saying, ‘Just joking’ and laughing.”

Some people think that when they say, “Just joking” after making a rude comment, that’s their “get out of jail free card.” They are wrong. More

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

 To My Mother
~Author Unknown

For all the times you gently picked me up,
When I fell down,
For all the times you tied my shoes
And tucked me into bed,
Or needed something
But put me first instead.

For everything we shared,
The dreams, the laughter,
And the tears,
I love you with a “Special Love”
That deepens every year.


This is what a few moms and daughters I know had to say about their loved ones…


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