Is Fear Holding You Back?

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I turned 39 last Sunday. It was kind of a crazy day. We had spent the weekend at a house in the rural foothills of Eastern Washington surrounded by nearly four feet of soft powdery snow. It was beautiful! When we arrived on Friday, we had to snowmobile in with our bags part of the way because our vehicle couldn’t get through part of the road that hadn’t been plowed. When it was time to leave on Sunday, we had to hike three miles with our kids and cat/dog because our vehicle had to be towed out part of the way because it was stuck on an icy road on a steep hill. If I had known the roads would have been so tricky, I probably wouldn’t have gone…but guess what? I do know what the roads are like and we’re going back this weekend! We’ll just be a little more prepared (with chains) this time.

I know it probably sounds crazy (at least that’s what my mom says), but honestly the almost 72 hours of fun, beauty, adventure, and relaxation we experienced was worth the several hours of hiking and digging that we had to do. I’ve realized that there are probably many things I haven’t done in the past out of fear. More

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Taking Time to Live in the Moment

I’ll admit it. I haven’t taken my own advice lately. I’m rushing here and there trying to get everything done before Christmas. There are too many other things stressing me out as well, but you don’t want to hear about all that stuff and that’s life for everyone anyway. The point is that I’ve over extended my brain and body, and I’m feeling the wear and tear of it all. I let myself get here.

Last night I reached the fork in the road where I could completely freak out or just let the stress go. I’m taking back control right now by letting go. The alternative is out of the question. I’ve made up my mind, and I can actually feel my shoulders relaxing as I write this. Seriously! More

DIY Holiday Ideas

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Life is crazy busy, but there is always time for a little creative fun. Here are some fun ideas ranging from elegant to kid friendly. More

DIY Thanksgiving Craft Ideas…

With just a few days to go before the big day, here some great DIY craft ideas that you still have time to do. Some ideas are elegant while others are more kid oriented. I personally would enjoy creating them all!   More

Life: Do What You Can With What You Have Where You Are

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The following excerpt from Cold Tangerines, by Shauna Niequist, makes me happy, and I hope you like it too. Have a great day. More

What Don’t You Remember? Missing Puzzle Pieces…

Yesterday, I spent a few hours at my mom’s house going through two huge chests full of old memorabilia. I found pictures that jogged memories from my past, answered some questions, and raised more questions. I feel like I’m always learning a little something new about myself and my family history.

Some of the items I found are report cards, art, and writing from three generations of women. I found my grandfather’s wallet intact with telling content and a package full of his Mason books and reference books with secret code translations. I also found birth and death certificates that I had never seen before, which answered a question I had and gave me closure that I needed. I found my grandmother’s diaries, which tell a story I’m not sure I’m ready to know; records of activities I participated in and have no memory of, and lots of other random and interesting memorabilia dating back to my great great great grandparents.

One thing I didn’t find was anything about my biological father. My mom and dad divorced when I was around a year old, but I’ll save that story for another time. Today’s post will only be about what I now know for sure. More

Earth to People…Are You There?

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A car almost hit me today while I was running. I was in a rural town, running against traffic on a road that has no sidewalks. There aren’t a lot of trails or sidewalks around here. Street running is as good as it gets, unless you want to run on a treadmill, which for me, would be like slow torture.

I saw the car coming at me at about 45 miles per hour. It was hugging my side of the road, so I smashed myself up into the bushes as far as I could. I looked right at the driver’s face as she got within a foot of hitting me. She had no idea she almost killed or maimed someone. She was in lala land. She never did see me. No lessons learned by her today. More

Don’t Make Assumptions

This is a great reminder! More

Amazing Video ~ The Girl Who Silenced the World for Five Minutes

Video of a twelve-year-old girl speaking at a UN Meeting

Amazing Video!!! In an age of pop culture crap, beauty obsession, and compulsive consumerism this twelve-year old girl is a great example that children want to focus on more important things and are willing to work hard and take risks to have their voices to be heard. More

Lesson Learned

This morning, I wrote a post that had to do with an experience we had with our oldest daughter in Mexico. My mom called me to tell me she was not happy with the post… More

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