New Beginnings ~ Thoughts on Pregnancy

This is Bella at 5 years old with her kitty, Zip, who she still sleeps with every night.

Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year. Our first daughter, Bella, was born in the Fall, so that makes this time of year even more special to me. It’s hard to believe she will be ten years old in a few weeks. Where has the time gone? Every year, around this time, I think back on the last few months of my first pregnancy. This is one of the things I remember the most… More

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Sleep by Janell Kaufman

One thing that no one ever tells you when you are considering starting a family is that you will NEVER really sleep again. Yes, every friend and baby book will warn you about those first few months when babies don’t sleep through the night. But even after your kids are well past the point of not sleeping through the night, your motherly instinct will not ever let you sleep. 

The only time I get a real night’s sleep (and my kids are 7 & 10) is when the kids have gone away to Grandma’s house for the night, and usually not until the second or third night they are gone as my body adjusts to the possibility of real sleep. The rest of the time I sleep with one ear cocked ready to respond to the slightest need from my children. I have gotten over worrying about every nighttime cough or sneeze but I still hear each and every one of them. One night several weeks ago, my daughter called out “mommy” in the middle of the night. I found myself in her room wondering how I had gotten there since I had no recollection of getting out of bed or climbing the stairs, just “mommy” and I was at her bedside automatically. She was sitting up in bed looking very concerned but obviously not awake and asking for help. Paranoid about the flu I was quickly assessing the situation, grabbing a garbage can in case she needed to throw up. “Mom, I’m stuck and I have to go to the bathroom”. Apparently she had been sitting up in bed and holding it so long that she couldn’t physically move in her sleepy state. I ended up carrying her to the bathroom and she did her business and promptly went back to bed, never really waking up the whole time. More

Beauty Espresso {part 1} by Nikki Yazxhi

If you’re like me {or any mom, in fact} you don’t get as much sleep as you would like {or need}. Sound familiar? Never fear! After years of researching beauty stories, I’ve come up with a few super-simple and quick tips to keep you looking and feeling gorgeous {no matter how sleep deprived you are}! Read on and recharge… by bellaMUMMA More

Pukey Pukerton by Molly Pitts


The stomach flu is one of the worst things to have to deal with. When the kids were really little and got it, the mound of laundry was never ending. Puke on the bed, on the couch, on the floor, on their clothes, on towels, etc. Now that they are a tad bit older and have a little more self-control, they can use a bucket or the toilet, which has made things better. My heart aches for them as their little bodies expel what seems to be every bit of their insides. But they get over it quickly and bounce back. Every family I know has a gross/hilarious story about when the stomach flu passed through their house. I thought I’d share our latest… More

Hello, world! Welcome to the Secrets of Moms Who Dare to Tell All!

Hi, everyone!

This website is for all you parents out there who want to hear the real ins and outs of being a mom. We will discuss the moments, days, feelings, and experiences that most moms don’t usually share with anyone but their closest friends. Almost every mom I’ve met has said that no one ever told her what it’s really like to be a parent. You hear about how wonderful, fun, and lovey everything is (and that’s true), but people don’t tell you about the craziness, unpredictability, and all-encompassing reality of what it’s like to raise kids. I wish I would’ve known the truth sooner, so that I never would’ve felt like a failure for not being perfect. Thankfully, I don’t feel that way anymore–what is perfect, anyway!?! I am perfectly unperfected and so are you. Let’s help all the mom’s out there feel good about themselves and their children, by being real.

This is a place for EVERYONE to have honest, direct dialogue without judgment. Secrets will be told and almost anything goes. We will cover every topic imaginable–the good, the bad, and the funny. Several of my friends will be on-going contributors, and we hope you will comment often. Let yourself be heard! Dads are welcome too. Please share your stories, send us comments and pictures, and tell the truth. As long as you are speaking your truth, you are welcome here. Please be kind to each other, interact, and ask questions.

No nude pictures or completely deviant comments, please.

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We are an eclectic, intelligent, fun group of women, who are all here to share our parenting experiences. Introducing the rest of the team: More


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