Apology, Krill Oil, and Pain to Gain

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First, I’d like to apologize to the Secrets of Moms readers who were sent to the Go Daddy site, which seems to be promoting and advertising “Booty Calls” “Sex With Random People”, and “Married but Playing”. YUCK!! Over the weekend, my domain name expired while I was out of town and apparently, Go Daddy bought it. I won’t focus on how frustrated I am about this right now because there’s no point in whining. I’ll just say sorry for the inconvenience and please change your bookmark to www.secretsofmomsblog.com. If you are an email subscriber, you don’t need to change anything because I already fixed the email link issue.

Okay, now let’s talk about krill oil, pain, and life. More

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Stay-at-Home Moms…When The Kids Are In School Full Time–How Do You Feel? How Does Life Change?

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Here I am sitting in café writing. I never do this-ever! I’m feeling really crunched for time lately. I’m here at the café writing because we live thirty minutes from our daughters’ school/dance classes and it seems silly to drive all the way home and then turn around and drive another half hour back when I’m already commuting a minimum of two hours a day. I’m trying to be more disciplined, organized, and efficient with my time. You’d think I’d have lots of extra time since I’m a stay-at-home mom and my kids are in 1st and 4th grade, but I don’t.

Life is busy and being a stay-at-home mom is busier than it may seem. There are so many things to do every day (I’m not sitting around doing nothing). Sometimes the work that I do seems invisible because it’s repetitive. Like making sure all the laundry is clean, cooking home-made meals every night, making egg-free lunches every day, washing dishes, cleaning the house, driving the kids to and from school and after school activities, helping with homework, volunteering at their school, quality family time, etc. The list goes on forever.

I’ve thought a lot lately about how working moms do it. I feel inadequate when I think about it. Sometimes I feel like maybe I should do more…Then I think about everything I do and I circle back to—I am doing a lot. I’m productive; I’m not lazy. How do working moms do it all!?!

Something has to give, right? More

Thoughts On Being Yourself…

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Did you make New Year’s Resolutions this year? This is the first year that comes close to me feeling as though I am making New Year’s resolutions. For the last several months, I’ve been working through some things that have enabled me to consciously make small shifts in my thinking and doing that will hopefully lead to bigger shifts that will continue to make me feel more fulfilled. More

Be Yourself

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When people ask, “What do you do”, I feel confused about how to answer that question. Sometimes I want to say that I’m a writer, editor, or an artist of sorts, but then I think just because some of my writing and edited material has been published doesn’t necessarily make me a “professional”, so I feel like I’m kind of stretching the truth if I say that I am a writer.

Hmm…what do I do for a living? I’ll tell you what I do…

I listen to my inner voice, follow my own unique path, pay attention to my surroundings, connect with an eclectic mix of people, and see where that all takes me.

Is that an acceptable answer? More

The Whoosh of Air from Closing One Door Magically Pushes Open Other Positive, Healthy, and Creative Doors

Sometimes closing a door on part of our life can be difficult. For me, the most challenging and emotional part of making life changes is the gray area of the decision-making and the transition period that follows making the choice. Whether it’s ending a toxic relationship, standing up to a bully who veils themselves as something they are not, moving, switching jobs or schools, deciding not to have more (or any) children, choosing to stay at home with the kids, going to work full-time, simply ending a conversation, or being brave enough to state our opinions, which may not please everyone around us and could lead to the end of a relationship—we have to be authentic and do what is right in our hearts. More

Why Are We Obsessed With Beauty? Is All This Attention on Beauty and Looks Healthy?

I can’t help but wonder what all the fuss is about. Why do we feel we need to look, dress, buy, think, and behave a certain way to be good enough? I’m not saying that I’ve never felt that I needed to be something other than myself to be accepted because, unfortunately–I have felt that way. What I’m questioning is why any of us ever feel that way in the first place? When and how does it start? At some point in our life, we all feel the pressure. More

I Found a Lump in My Breast ~ Part 2

I first wrote about finding a lump in my breast here. At my first appointment with the radiologist, the results from the mammogram and ultrasounds were inconclusive. The radiologist told me the lump looked like a cyst, but part of the cysts didn’t behave as it should, so he couldn’t call it a simple cyst. I had to come back in three months to see if there were any changes.

I went back for my three-month follow-up ultrasound and nothing had changed. I think the radiologist expected it would be gone, but I can’t be sure of that because he didn’t tell me what he thought. I wasn’t sure what to do with this information, which was nothing new, so I asked him bluntly, “Can you tell me I don’t have cancer?”

He said, “No.” More

Multiple After School Activities ~ Crazy Making or Valuable Experience?

I have always had a two activity per child rule for after school programs. Any more than two activities per child per week, and things get a little chaotic around our house. This has been an easy rule to stand by and uncomplicated to manage because Bella & Olivia have both enjoyed the same activities for the last several years.

Things are different this school year… More

10 Things I Learned From People Who Survive Cancer ~ Guest Post by Lissa Rankin

I absolutely LOVE this article by Lissa Rankin. Her words are inspiring, uplifting, and empower women with or without cancer to be brave and see through the fog!

Here’s Lissa…

cancer survive

When I interviewed women who had survived breast cancer for my art project The Woman Inside, I noticed that they all shared one remarkable thing in common.

They had all faced down death and decided to live every day like it might be their last. And then they all beat cancer.

The more interviews I did, the more I noticed that these women were living differently than most of the people I knew who had not been diagnosed with cancer. Here’s what I learned from those survivor women. Learning these lessons changed my life, and I hope they’ll change yours. More

What is Wrong With This Picture?

J.C. Penney t-shirt

Do we really want to send kids into the classroom with this type of attitude? As if girls don’t already have enough body image issues… More

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