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This past weekend was emotional. Sunday we heard about three guys who died in an avalanche backcountry skiing at Stevens Pass. My husband and his friends ski back there all the time. As it turns out, my husband went to school with two of the skiers who died. Another one of our good friends, Adam, was there with the skiers when the avalanche hit and he tried to resuscitate one of the men who died. Adam is an awesome man.

It’s always sad when someone dies, but knowing how young these guys were, that they left loved ones behind, and that my husband’s friend was a father of an eight and a ten year old, really hit home hard. You just never know where life will take you so love the ones your with right now.

I saw the below list last week. I think it’s important. More

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I was reading in a waiting room before a doctor’s appointment last week, when I noticed a couple in their late 60’s or early 70’s sitting near by. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it was, but something about them caught my eye. More

Marriage on The Rocks ~ Guest Post by Spiritual Momma, Sarah

Sarah is the Crazed Lady behind Spiritual Momma. She is a life coach, blogger, mother, recovering 12 step-er, and junkie for living happy, joyous, and free!

Those who know me personally know I have a solid marriage built on genuine love, care and effort. My husband is a rare breed of man, one who exhibits fanatic kindness, empathy, concern, and compassion for others. He and I are in fact polar opposites in many ways but somehow, we meet in the middle creating a wonderful balance and harmony. I think when all is said and done we both understand and seek to better ourselves first so that we can help one another and our family.

As with any relationship, shit happens. Assumptions are made and tainted perspectives completely skew the filter in which we create our reality from. Last night I experienced this with my husband. He’d been traveling for a short time, returned to an immediate task, kids jumping for joy to see him and me filled with my own personal excitement to share. I could sense the underlying tension or stress he came home with–immediately sparking a bottomless insecurity within me.

One sentence sent me into outer space: he said, “I have a few things to talk to you about when I’m ready”. More

Keys to a Happy Marriage…

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We hosted a party for my in-law’s 50th wedding anniversary last weekend. I think it’s fair to say that 50 years of marriage isn’t exactly common these days.  I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to have a happy, successful, and long-lasting marriage, so over the last several months, I’ve been interviewing women who have been happily married for a minimum of twenty-five years.

I ask all of the women the same three questions… More

Let’s Talk About Sex

I didn’t plan on having “the talk” with our daughter, Bella, quite yet. She’s only 9 ½. But, a few weeks ago when we were at grandma’s house, she showed me the books she had been looking at—Where Did I come From?, by Peter Mayle and The Girls Body Book: Everything You Need to Know for Growing up YOU, by Kelli Dunham. She was curious and a little embarrassed, but she wanted to bring one of the books home.


Is it already time to talk about this? More

The Myth of The Dysfunctional Family. Guest Post by Nicole Mangina

We all have one. We laugh about them, make jokes at their expense, blame them, and curse them. The list goes on.

As my girlfriend, Debbie so wisely stated: “We all have our own brand of crazy.”

The phrase “dysfunctional family” typically calls to mind something that is broken and damaged. Something that needs to be overcome and risen above.

But the whole notion of the dysfunctional family implies that somewhere, out there, there is one completely perfect family. A family where everyone is always kind and supportive. They are all without flaw.

Bull Sh*t. I’m going to say that they don’t exist.

So if there isn’t a “perfect” family then is it possible that your family is not “dysfunctional”? More

Are You in an Abusive Relationship or Do You Know Someone Who Is? Guest Post by Marala Scott

Marala Scott (Center) with her son, Aaron and her daughter, Alyssa.

Marala Scott is a screenwriter and a multi-award winning author of the memoir, In Our House: Perception vs. Reality. In her book, Marala shares her personal story of a horrific childhood at the hands of her father and her journey to happiness and peace. Marala’s story is especially powerful because she was able to rise above her past and become a strong woman determined to break the cycle of violence. She is an advocate, inspiration, and role model for women and men who are suffering from abuse.

Oprah Winfrey acknowledged Marala as an “Ambassador of Hope” in 2009. Member of Congress, Mary Jo Kilroy, presented Marala a Special Congressional Recognition of outstanding and invaluable service to the community. United States Senator, Sherrod Brown, recognized Marala for advocacy to prevent child abuse and domestic violence. Ohio House of Representatives gave Marala special recognition for humanitarian concern for hosting the inaugural HEAL event. Marala Scott and Tre Parker received a proclamation from Mayor Counts of Powell, Ohio, recognizing and commending their work on Domestic Violence and Child Abuse. Mayor Michael B. Coleman, from Columbus, Ohio, awarded Marala with a Certificate of Recognition for her dedication to raising awareness of domestic violence and child abuse nationwide.

Here is Marala… More

Identity Crisis by Tracie Stern ~ Who Are You Now That You Have Kids?

I had spent the last ten years of my life traveling the world as a model and only having me to worry about. I knew exactly what to do the minute I was confirmed for the job. Whether it involved international travel, multiple days of work, foreign languages, or just a quick drive down the road. Whatever my agencies threw my way I KNEW I could handle it.

So when I found out I was pregnant with my now six-year old son, I was so excited. I was engaged to my husband when we found out about Ramsee. It was such an exciting moment. Over the next several months, my life took a turn for the unknown. More

Wrong Question by Andrea Dodd ~ Relationships, Tension & Love

I’ve been asking the wrong question all along. Virtually every night, as I’m curled into Allen’s chest, his arms wrapped tight around me, I listen for the quieting of his heart and the subsequent lapse of time in our conversation. To keep his company for maybe just five more minutes, I whisper this request; “tell me something.”

“How annoying!!” you’re probably thinking. And maybe he does, too. But for as many nights as we’ve shared, he’s never balked at entertaining my request. His answers always range, based on how sleepy he is: More

Masks by Andrea Dodd

As mama, I wear many masks. Before I was a mother, anticipating the birth of my first daughter, I wore the “everything’s going to be just fine mask”… despite my critical examination of new mothers intact bodies and their obvious survival of birth. I was not convinced I would survive. I was not even convinced everything was going to be ok. But I wore it. And it was and is–OK.

Corbin is almost ten, and Anna is seven. I gave birth TWO times. And I lived through it. More

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