Anticipation of the Curriculum by Andrea Dodd

Our 70 lbs of curriculum hasn’t arrived yet. At 4 am this morning, I’m staring at the ceiling wondering how best to get us going today. The kids are itching to start school, and so much so, that Anna hollers anytime she spies a FedEx or UPS truck (even if we’re in Seattle, 40 miles from home); “MAYBE IT’S OUR CURRICULUM!!” I’ve actually had nightmares that Oliver and Corbin’s curriculum arrives and Anna’s is lost. Certain devastation. The girl is dying to get her hands on her recorder. Understanding the need to feed their little minds, today was my creation of a first day of homeschool. More

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Easy, Cheesy, Lemon Squeezy ~ Homeschooling by Andrea Dodd

My kids fed me an epiphany today.

“What’s half of a half, Anna?” Oliver asked seriously, arm over the back of the chair, sour cream all over his face.

Easy, cheesy, lemon squeezy.” Anna quipped across the table as they dined on lunch made by Anna. “I don’t have to answer your questions, Oliver. You’re not my teacher.”

Ok, then.

Who is the teacher, here? Well, that enormous role falls on me. And when I say enormous, I mean weight of the world. Like just being a parent isn’t heavy enough. Their growth, development, education, lessons, successes, failures, intellect, dreams, and LIVES; depend on me. More

Homeschool by Andrea Dodd

“Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them – every day begin the task anew.” ~ St. Francis de Sales

My chest is heavy and my eyes are begging to tear. I’ve been swallowing the lump since I met my students this am, already sitting at the kitchen table, ready to start their day. Standing above them, I take note of the energy in the room; Corbin (10) is quiet and Anna (7) blurts “what do I start, mama?” Oliver (8) is clearly battling a case of goofy; which is not an ally of his easy distraction. I skimmed through three homeschool resource books, drew up lesson plans plus 30 math facts for each child, and created journal entries last night while the family watched a movie. I bounce between three syllabuses all day long, and I’m suddenly struck with “what the hell am I doing?!” More


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