Apology, Krill Oil, and Pain to Gain

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First, I’d like to apologize to the Secrets of Moms readers who were sent to the Go Daddy site, which seems to be promoting and advertising “Booty Calls” “Sex With Random People”, and “Married but Playing”. YUCK!! Over the weekend, my domain name expired while I was out of town and apparently, Go Daddy bought it. I won’t focus on how frustrated I am about this right now because there’s no point in whining. I’ll just say sorry for the inconvenience and please change your bookmark to www.secretsofmomsblog.com. If you are an email subscriber, you don’t need to change anything because I already fixed the email link issue.

Okay, now let’s talk about krill oil, pain, and life. More

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Body Image Issues ~ Let’s Get Real

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I’m perplexed by organizations or individuals who put on the façade of empowering ALL women to love themselves and their bodies, but who are in reality only narrowly accepting that which falls into the ideas, messages, and images that work for their way of thinking or their body type. Why is it that some of the people who say they are for promoting positive body image, actually shut down the women who do not have bodies similar to their own?  More

I found a Lump in my Breast ~ Part 3

So yesterday was the big day! In case you didn’t read Part 1 or Part 2 of this story, here are the basics. I found a lump in my breast, went to a couple doctors, had a mammogram and a couple ultrasounds, and was told by a doctor something like, “You have what looks like a complex cyst. I can’t be sure. I can’t tell you that you don’t have cancer”. The doctor’s plan was for me to come back every six months for follow up ultrasounds and if nothing changed to the complex cyst after two years, then they can tell me I don’t have cancer. I decided that I wasn’t going to have this hanging over my head for the next two years and made an appointment somewhere else to get a second opinion.

Yesterday, I went to Virginia Mason to have another mammogram and ultrasound, and to find out what the new doctor had to say. This was is what happened… More

I Found a Lump in My Breast ~ Part 2

I first wrote about finding a lump in my breast here. At my first appointment with the radiologist, the results from the mammogram and ultrasounds were inconclusive. The radiologist told me the lump looked like a cyst, but part of the cysts didn’t behave as it should, so he couldn’t call it a simple cyst. I had to come back in three months to see if there were any changes.

I went back for my three-month follow-up ultrasound and nothing had changed. I think the radiologist expected it would be gone, but I can’t be sure of that because he didn’t tell me what he thought. I wasn’t sure what to do with this information, which was nothing new, so I asked him bluntly, “Can you tell me I don’t have cancer?”

He said, “No.” More

10 Things I Learned From People Who Survive Cancer ~ Guest Post by Lissa Rankin

I absolutely LOVE this article by Lissa Rankin. Her words are inspiring, uplifting, and empower women with or without cancer to be brave and see through the fog!

Here’s Lissa…

cancer survive

When I interviewed women who had survived breast cancer for my art project The Woman Inside, I noticed that they all shared one remarkable thing in common.

They had all faced down death and decided to live every day like it might be their last. And then they all beat cancer.

The more interviews I did, the more I noticed that these women were living differently than most of the people I knew who had not been diagnosed with cancer. Here’s what I learned from those survivor women. Learning these lessons changed my life, and I hope they’ll change yours. More

Life-Threatening Anaphylactic Food Allergies at School…Unnecessary Drama

Olivia and Me

I’m just going to admit it right now—I’m annoyed. In the last couple weeks, I’ve been hearing some rumblings that I’m not thrilled about. As I’m trying to calm myself by writing this, I am also hoping to receive feedback from YOU! I would really LOVE to know what you think. More

5 Super-Easy Mood Boosters by Nikki Yazxhi from BellaMUMMA

Nikki is lives in Australia and is a BEAUTY & LIFESTYLE WRITER who is also mum to two spunky little boys. Her background is magazines and her stories have featured in COSMO, MARIE CLAIRE, SHOP TIL YOU DROP + more.

Here’s Nikki…

Need a little pep in your step this morning?

Research shows, more than ever, that there are easy ways to boost our mood… More

What Do You Think About This Diet Book For Children…

We cannot ignore the fact that some children are obese and that may lead to self-esteem, body image, confidence, and serious long-term physical health issues. I understand that this is a complex issue that needs to be addressed. But this type of book, with that type of title, isn’t the way to go about making a positive change. This book is irresponsible and sends an unhealthy message. More

Thinking Aloud

Photo from The Notebook Doodles

Sometimes I don’t know what I’m thinking or feeling until I say it aloud. It’s kind of like I haven’t fully developed my thoughts about certain things or admitted certain feelings to myself until the moment the words flow out of my mouth. But, once I start openly and honestly discussing topics with friends, acquaintance, or strangers, I have small epiphanies about what is really brewing under the surface of my being, what my thoughts and beliefs are, and who I truly am.

Sometimes I even surprise myself. More

Children Can Make a Difference in Creating a Better World

Rachel Beckwith

Rachel’s story has truly touched me to the core of my being. I hope to raise my children to be as kind, thoughtful, compassionate, generous, and giving as Rachel.

When I read the headline “Thousands honor memory of 9-year-old Rachel Beckwith”, my first thought was that I recognize the last name. I clicked on the link to see what the story was about and if it was the same Beckwith family I grew up with. It is the same family.

As I began to read the heartbreaking story about Rachel, who had a goal of raising $300 to bring clean water to African villagers by her 9th birthday, I felt a mix of deep sadness and hope. Rachel died in a car accident shortly after her 9th birthday. I have not been able to let the story go.

Rachel’s story, although unbearably tragic, is also inspiring for many reasons. More

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