I Showed up at the Dog Groomer Instead of For My Hair Appointment…

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Since I started working for the family business and am spending more time getting ready to teach a social media class at the UW, I’ve had little to no extra time to write here. I miss it. Working part-time has been an interesting balancing act that has had both good and bad outcomes.

The first month I went back to work, I was pretty much a wreck. I forgot a birthday, didn’t pay the monthly piano lesson bill, and showed up at the dog groomers instead of for my hair appointment—and even now, I’m sure I’m neglecting to remember what else I forgot. If you know, don’t remind me, please. It’s over. :) More

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Stay-at-Home Moms…When The Kids Are In School Full Time–How Do You Feel? How Does Life Change?

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Here I am sitting in café writing. I never do this-ever! I’m feeling really crunched for time lately. I’m here at the café writing because we live thirty minutes from our daughters’ school/dance classes and it seems silly to drive all the way home and then turn around and drive another half hour back when I’m already commuting a minimum of two hours a day. I’m trying to be more disciplined, organized, and efficient with my time. You’d think I’d have lots of extra time since I’m a stay-at-home mom and my kids are in 1st and 4th grade, but I don’t.

Life is busy and being a stay-at-home mom is busier than it may seem. There are so many things to do every day (I’m not sitting around doing nothing). Sometimes the work that I do seems invisible because it’s repetitive. Like making sure all the laundry is clean, cooking home-made meals every night, making egg-free lunches every day, washing dishes, cleaning the house, driving the kids to and from school and after school activities, helping with homework, volunteering at their school, quality family time, etc. The list goes on forever.

I’ve thought a lot lately about how working moms do it. I feel inadequate when I think about it. Sometimes I feel like maybe I should do more…Then I think about everything I do and I circle back to—I am doing a lot. I’m productive; I’m not lazy. How do working moms do it all!?!

Something has to give, right? More

The Whoosh of Air from Closing One Door Magically Pushes Open Other Positive, Healthy, and Creative Doors

Sometimes closing a door on part of our life can be difficult. For me, the most challenging and emotional part of making life changes is the gray area of the decision-making and the transition period that follows making the choice. Whether it’s ending a toxic relationship, standing up to a bully who veils themselves as something they are not, moving, switching jobs or schools, deciding not to have more (or any) children, choosing to stay at home with the kids, going to work full-time, simply ending a conversation, or being brave enough to state our opinions, which may not please everyone around us and could lead to the end of a relationship—we have to be authentic and do what is right in our hearts. More

Life-Threatening Anaphylactic Food Allergies at School…Unnecessary Drama

Olivia and Me

I’m just going to admit it right now—I’m annoyed. In the last couple weeks, I’ve been hearing some rumblings that I’m not thrilled about. As I’m trying to calm myself by writing this, I am also hoping to receive feedback from YOU! I would really LOVE to know what you think. More

Marriage on The Rocks ~ Guest Post by Spiritual Momma, Sarah

Sarah is the Crazed Lady behind Spiritual Momma. She is a life coach, blogger, mother, recovering 12 step-er, and junkie for living happy, joyous, and free!

Those who know me personally know I have a solid marriage built on genuine love, care and effort. My husband is a rare breed of man, one who exhibits fanatic kindness, empathy, concern, and compassion for others. He and I are in fact polar opposites in many ways but somehow, we meet in the middle creating a wonderful balance and harmony. I think when all is said and done we both understand and seek to better ourselves first so that we can help one another and our family.

As with any relationship, shit happens. Assumptions are made and tainted perspectives completely skew the filter in which we create our reality from. Last night I experienced this with my husband. He’d been traveling for a short time, returned to an immediate task, kids jumping for joy to see him and me filled with my own personal excitement to share. I could sense the underlying tension or stress he came home with–immediately sparking a bottomless insecurity within me.

One sentence sent me into outer space: he said, “I have a few things to talk to you about when I’m ready”. More

Internet Safety – What do You Do When You Think Your Child is in Trouble, but Your Ex is in Denial and Will Not Help Protect Your Child?

While researching for this piece, I found some very disturbing internet information and statistics. Did you know that 60% of all websites on the Internet are pornographic websites? That’s about 1.2 billion.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, “One out of every five children who have access to the internet have received online sexual solicitations. Pedophiles often pose as children to build trust with kids and then lure them to meet them in person. It takes an average of 2 to 4 weeks for a child to fall for this trap.

One of the biggest causes of the rise in online child molestation is due to poor parental supervision of their child’s internet activity.

Did you know that of the 500,000 dial-a-porn calls made in a day, 70% are made by minors who get the contact information off the internet. I had no idea… More

Exercise Is For All Sizes!

Each one of these women is an Olympic athlete.

This picture challenges the notion that a specific size is the only indicator of health and fitness.

Exercise will make you stronger and feel amazing no matter what your size! More

What Do You Think About Body Piercings or Tattoos on Kids and Teens? My Thoughts…


My nine-year-old daughter had an all day play date Monday. The kids had a great time. As we were packing up to leave after dinner, I noticed something shiny on my daughter’s lip. My eyes quickly flickered to her friend, who also had something glistening on her lower lip. My eyeballs quadrupled in size–OMG! They both look like they have lip piercings! They have silver hoops in their lips.

I stayed calm on the outside, but on the inside, I kind of freaked out…My mind flashed forward and I envisioned my baby with a billion tattoos and multiple piercings everywhere. Is my rule-following-angel going to turn out to be a complete rebel? More

Crazy Busy With End-of-School Activities? Have a Child With a Severe Food Allergy? Stay Alert or This Could Happen to You…

Olivia at the last field trip of the year…

We are crazy busy right now. There are three more days of school left and our calender is bursting with school functions, field trips, parties, doctors and dentist appointments, sporting events, sleepovers, and more. It’s organized chaos in our house right now—I’ve been on go-nonstop-mode for almost two weeks. I can barely keep track of everything I’m supposed to pack, bake, and attend. One of the most important aspects of my mothering jobs is to keep our kids safe. I am usually very good at this job, but I dropped the ball for a few seconds and it was an unfortunate, uncomfortable, scary reminder of the seriousness of food allergies. More


Sometimes it’s difficult to resist the temptation of over-scheduling ourselves and our kids. At the beginning of each school year, I fill Bella & Olivia in on their options and they chose what they want to do. I don’t let the girls participate in more than two extracurricular activities at a time. Sometimes I think they can participate in “just one more” activity because it’s hard to turn down all of the exciting opportunities that are available for kids these days, but I know that if we add just one more organized activity we all pay the price. Free time is essential.

There are times during the school year that I feel too busy, hurried, and pressured to go-go-go. I have good intentions, but sometimes I over commit to too many activities myself. I absolutely love summer because there is a simplistic relaxed vibe and much more time for unstructured creative play.

Over the extended Memorial Day weekend, the kids ran wild outside for four days straight and did not participate in one structured event. They did not complain of being bored once and they played so hard they practically fell asleep before even falling into bed. They had a great time. It was awesome.

Yay. Summer is almost here…

I don’t want to be over committed. Studies have shown that unstructured, creative play is crucial for optimal child development. If you are feeling the pressure of over-scheduling yourself or your kids, just remember that free time is just as valuable, if not more, than structured time. Don’t cave into pressure. The kids won’t “fall behind” if they don’t sign up for every possible activity available to them. They will just end up feeling pressured, stressed, hurried, tired, anxious, and disconnected if they are over-scheduled. So go outside, play, be creative, and have fun! That is good for everyone!

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