Anticipation of the Curriculum by Andrea Dodd

Our 70 lbs of curriculum hasn’t arrived yet. At 4 am this morning, I’m staring at the ceiling wondering how best to get us going today. The kids are itching to start school, and so much so, that Anna hollers anytime she spies a FedEx or UPS truck (even if we’re in Seattle, 40 miles from home); “MAYBE IT’S OUR CURRICULUM!!” I’ve actually had nightmares that Oliver and Corbin’s curriculum arrives and Anna’s is lost. Certain devastation. The girl is dying to get her hands on her recorder. Understanding the need to feed their little minds, today was my creation of a first day of homeschool.

Twenty-four library items checked out and this years first book report accomplished; over 2” of worksheets printed to get the kids thinking, a smattering of paints, and a mock PE class, I think this hodgepodge of a temporary curriculum will suffice for the meantime.

On one hand, I think it has to be more complicated than this. On the other, I’m loving this new adventure, and the blessing it is to be home with the kids, nurturing them into their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade school year.

Truth be told, I’m just as much a student as they are.


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  1. Megan
    Aug 30, 2011 @ 08:03:09

    Andrea, you are amazing! So full of creative and nurturing energy. Corbin, Oliver and Anna are so lucky and so far ahead of the game. What an amazing year they have ahead with you and eachother.


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