Children Can Make a Difference in Creating a Better World

Rachel Beckwith

Rachel’s story has truly touched me to the core of my being. I hope to raise my children to be as kind, thoughtful, compassionate, generous, and giving as Rachel.

When I read the headline “Thousands honor memory of 9-year-old Rachel Beckwith”, my first thought was that I recognize the last name. I clicked on the link to see what the story was about and if it was the same Beckwith family I grew up with. It is the same family.

As I began to read the heartbreaking story about Rachel, who had a goal of raising $300 to bring clean water to African villagers by her 9th birthday, I felt a mix of deep sadness and hope. Rachel died in a car accident shortly after her 9th birthday. I have not been able to let the story go.

Rachel’s story, although unbearably tragic, is also inspiring for many reasons.

Rachel has helped more people in her short nine years than most people are able to accomplish in a full lifetime. As of today (and the number is rising by the minute), Rachel’s charity  has raised over $796,000 towards clean water projects in developing nations.  Her legacy will live on forever.

I am also inspired by the thousands of people from all over the world who are supporting Rachel’s charity. They are not only helping bring clean water to African villagers and helping a little girl’s dream come alive; they are contributing to a cause that enables Rachel’s spirit of giving to live on through the lives that are touched by this charity.

My most heartfelt and deepest condolences go to the Beckwith family. May they find some measure of peace and hope in the love and kind words that have poured onto Rachel’s charity page.

Rachel’s charity also shines light on a very real problem that plagues our world. There are people out there who do not have access to the most basic of needs: water. Being involved and getting your kids involved in a cause is a fantastic way to educate, inspire, and enable them to see that they can truly make a difference in this world.

There are many ways to get involved.

One of my friends, Molly, who adopted a girl from Mudula, which in the Southwest region of Ethiopia, started a non-profit called Hope by Twelve . They have several projects their girlpods are raising money for, but one in particular is in dire need of help. The Mudula Water project is a gravity flow water system that will deliver clean water to the rural village of Mudula (Molly’s daughter’s home village and where her daughter’s family is still located) and surrounding villages.  With the current drought in the Horn of Africa, it is now more vital than ever that they quickly raise the money necessary to build the water project.

What is a girlpod?

A girlpod is girls helping girls. It’s a simple solution. But it has the power to change the world. And it’s easier than you might think.

1. Girls come together to form their pod. And together, they are the leaders of change. The girls in the pod can be classmates, teammates, friends, cousins, sisters, or even just you and your BFF. You don’t need to all be the same age, you just have to want to help other girls.

2. Schedule a get together with a hope by twelve team member. They’ll come to you and share ideas on how your girlpod can make a difference for girls in need.

3. Then your pod will hold meetings to brainstorm and plan how you want to raise money for one of the projects hope by twelve projects. They all to empower girls living in poverty and they all need girls like you and your daughters to make them work.

Hope by Twelve will be there to help guide you along the way and give you all sorts of fundraising ideas if you want them. They are there for you, to help when needed—with materials, guidance, inspiration, or even extra hands for your fundraising ideas and events.

If you are interested in getting involved with Hope by Twelve,  if you know any girls or boys that might be interested in helping raise funds with Hope by Twelve, or you and your kids want to start a girlpod (boys are welcome too!) in your area, email Molly at If you are in my area (you know who you are), please email me at and we can get a girlpod going! :)

Please go to Hope by Twelve or the Hope by Twelve Facebook page to learn more.

We can all make a difference in creating a better world.

Please share this with everyone you know.

Thank you!!

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