Magazines at the Checkout Stand…by Liz Nord

You know when you are in line waiting to check out at the grocery store and there are all those shiny magazines just staring at you begging to be picked up and thumbed through? I never gave the magazines much thought until my nine-year-old daughter started reading the trashy headlines and asking a bunch of questions. Yes, questions are good, but…

Why do the covers have to say things like, “Look at (insert name) cellulite and big butt”, “Look whose gained or lost too much weight”, “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days with the starve yourself and be cranky and unhealthy diet”, “So-and-so stole you know whose boyfriend and the drama ensues,” blah, blah, blah. You know what I’m talking about…The headlines with the close up shots of someones butt, stomach, or breasts.

Sometimes I get sucked into the headlines. Sometimes a cover picture is too much for little kid eyes, and I turn the magazine around with the backside facing out. I swear I am not über conservative, and I know I’m not the only one doing it because I’ve seen it done before.  

Why do they have to put magazines with ultra negative messages at the checkout stand at a kid’s eye level?  I know…they want to suck us all in so that we will take a peak and be curious enough to buy it. *Sigh*

Here are a couple real titles from the National Inquirer, “BRITNEY SPEARS BLIMPS OUT! Pop tart packs on the pounds as she slurps down booze, pills & junk food to fight depression,” and “WORLD EXCLUSIVE: JOHN EDWARDS SUICIDAL!”

None of this is really our business, and it’s not like reading articles like that are going to actually help anyone…Right?

I guess what I’m wishing is that they could just leave the checkout stand section for magazines like Readers Digest, Coastal Living, Psychology Today, National Geographic, Newsweek (without the war or blood and guts pictures on the cover), Brain Child, Real Simple, and other cooking or positive and intelligent message magazines. You know, magazines that our kids can look at without thinking, “Why do all the magazine covers talk about being too fat, too skinny, plastic surgery, dieting, who’s doing who, how much money Joe Blow has, etc.”

Maybe I’m just getting old…

Here is a great idea from Dr. Dana-Marie Thomas at Conversations, Pink Cocktails, & Confetti! 

“You walk up to a magazine rack at your favorite bookstore and you’re confronted with numerous self-improvement suggestions: ’10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight’ … ‘Exercises to Get a Bikini Body’ … ‘Fashion Tips to Look More Like [Someone Else]‘ … OK, you’ve been here before. You know exactly what this looks like. Now imagine that instead of walking away frustrated, you reach into your bag and pull out a new, empowering cover — it reads: ‘BEAUTIFUL just the way you are.’ You slip it in front of one of the make-you-over magazines and walk away, satisfied for having spread a new message.” X&O Dana-Marie

Go Dana-Marie, go!!

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1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Margaret Dilloway
    Apr 11, 2011 @ 09:42:40

    Love this idea.

    I think it’s funny when a magazine has cover headlines that say, “10 Desserts You’ll Love!” and then “Walk off 10 Pounds!” right next to each other. Mixed messages much?


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