What Are You Waiting For? Guest Post by Nicole Mangina

We all have some thing that we are putting off in our lives. The timing isn’t right. Someone else needs to step up to the plate….. It usually involves phases such as:

I’ll be happy when…
I’ll relax when…
I’ll take more time off when…
I’ll travel more when…
I’ll spend more time with my family when…
I’ll invest more when…

What are you waiting for?

Life is meant to be lived in the moment. This moment, right here, right now.

Most of the phrases above typically end in “when I have more money” or “when things slow down at work.”

I have been on this hamster wheel and I can tell you that there isn’t any getting off with that approach. It’s always “Hang in there family. I’m almost there and then we can really have some fun.” Except the time for fun never gets here.

You don’t get any extra points for putting off until tomorrow what you can do today.

~ Choose to be happy TODAY. (Happiness, by the way, is a choice that only YOU can make so why not be happy today?)

~ Take time off TODAY! Maybe it’s a few hours and not the 3 week vacation of your dreams, but start somewhere. I walk my boys to school almost every day. It’s our time together and it means the world to me. I can just as easily start my meetings at 9:30 as I can at 9.

~ Plan a trip TODAY for the next 30 days. Maybe it’s camping this time versus the Four Seasons, but commit to doing what you love. We travel as a family a couple of times a year. We are so busy with work, life and ‘chores’ when we are home that the time we spend traveling is priceless to us. It is our time to truly be a family and enjoy each other.

I know that it’s scary sometimes to take time out for yourself and your family. I have often struggled with feeling like I needed to spend every waking moment on my business or it would not succeed, or I would not be worth the money that I made.

When I lived that way I was frustrated, cranky, scared and jealous of all the people around me who seemed to be having all sorts of fun in life while I wasn’t. For a while I felt superior. “They just are not as committed to their success as I am.” But then I realized that I was the one missing the boat.

You can have a successful business AND a life. In fact “having a life” outside of work is a critical requirement for having a successful business.

So get out there and do something TODAY that you have been putting off. Something fun and completely not work related.

*Read more from Nicole at The Ninja Moms.

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  1. Grandma's Ramblings
    Apr 21, 2011 @ 09:46:36

    Thank you for opening my eyes, I struggle with living my life because I watch my grandchildren 5 days a week, 12 hours a day and 1 sleepover a week so I don’t have to make the drive. I have noticed lately I am getting frustrated and cranky. I raised my kids now I feel like I am raising my grandkids. I need to rethink my life.


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