The Myth of The Dysfunctional Family. Guest Post by Nicole Mangina

We all have one. We laugh about them, make jokes at their expense, blame them, and curse them. The list goes on.

As my girlfriend, Debbie so wisely stated: “We all have our own brand of crazy.”

The phrase “dysfunctional family” typically calls to mind something that is broken and damaged. Something that needs to be overcome and risen above.

But the whole notion of the dysfunctional family implies that somewhere, out there, there is one completely perfect family. A family where everyone is always kind and supportive. They are all without flaw.

Bull Sh*t. I’m going to say that they don’t exist.

So if there isn’t a “perfect” family then is it possible that your family is not “dysfunctional”?

Maybe they were the perfect family to mold you into who you are today with all of your beautiful quirks so that you are uniquely suited to serve the world in a way that no one else on the planet is. With a combination of compassion and understanding that you would not have otherwise.

This isn’t about denying anything that happened to you in the past or belittling it. It is about giving yourself the chance to tell a new story around it. A story that empowers you and makes you realize that we all have our own brand of crazy. It’s part of your charm.

Technical skills are important in everything that we do, but technical skills do not guarantee success. It is our own unique personalities and abilities to relate to our clients, family, and friends that make us successful. So the next time you are blaming something or someone in your family for things not working out, take a deep breath, say thank you to the Universe for the additional understanding and know that you are now better equipped than ever to succeed.

*Check out more great articles from Nicole at The Ninja Moms.

Nicole Mangina is the mother of Alex and Ryan, otherwise known as “Thing 1 and Thing 2″ and “the Monkies”.   She is also married to Gary ~ her incredible husband, best friend, love of her life, sounding board, number 1 fan, balance, and all around great guy.

Since getting her real estate license in 1996, she has built a successful real estate career in the Seattle, Washington area and absolutely loves what she does.  She has always been a very driven and goal oriented person, which has worked perfectly with her real estate career.  Nicole has two main sayings in our house ~ “Failure is not an option,” and “Forward motion at all times”.

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  1. Kerner71
    Mar 18, 2011 @ 11:18:55

    Excellent ! Thanks for the reminder.


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