How Does She REALLY Do It? Guest Post by Working Mom ~ Nicole Mangina

Note from Liz: Today I am guest posting at Nicole’s blog, The Ninja Moms, where I’m writing about “Frazzled and Frumpy to Fabulous, Feisty, and Successful!” I hope you’ll check it out after you read this!

Here’s Nicole…

Nicole Mangina is the mother of Alex and Ryan, otherwise known as “Thing 1 and Thing 2″ and “the Monkies”.   She is also married to Gary ~ her incredible husband, best friend, love of her life, sounding board, number 1 fan, balance, and all around great guy.

Since getting her real estate license in 1996, she has built a successful real estate career in the Seattle, Washington area and absolutely loves what she does.  She has always been a very driven and goal oriented person, which has worked perfectly with her real estate career.  Nicole has two main sayings in our house ~ “Failure is not an option,” and “Forward motion at all times”.

How does she REALLY do it?

You know her. She is a working mom that makes it all seem so easy.

Do you ever wonder how she really gets it all done in a day?

Well here are some insights you can use today that will have you gliding through your day with the grace that will have others wondering how YOU do it.

~ Never underestimate the power of a deep breath to bring life back into perspective. The next time you are feeling frazzled take a few minutes for some deep breaths. It will reset your brain and allow you to calm down. It will also open the space for new ideas to come in. There’s more than one way to get things done and you might be surprised with some of the ideas you come up with that are easier and faster than your original plan.

~ Know that nothing is convenient. How many things are on your list that you are waiting for a convenient time to do? Convenient is NEVER going to happen. Life is about deciding what is important and making it happen. Pull out that list right now and cross off what isn’t important. Just let it go. Take the things that are important and schedule them. Make the decision to get them done.

~ Focus, Focus, Focus. It is our morning mantra in our house trying to get the boys out of the door for school, but it goes for adults as well as kids. Being 100% focused on everything that you do allows you to get more done in less time and get better results. Multi tasking doesn’t work and will only make you feel guilty for not having done something as well as you wanted to. It’s actually faster to just do one thing at a time.

~ Say “Thank You”. When you are feeling overwhelmed it’s easy to start down the path of feeling overworked, underappreciated and just plain cranky. Take a moment to say Thank You to the Universe for all of the great things in your life. Granted, sometimes you have to reach. There have been times that the only thing I found to be grateful for were my matching socks, but it’s a start and the more you start appreciating things in your life, including your successful business that makes you so busy, the better things go.

~ Laugh! We have all day perfectly planned days of productivity derailed by a sick child. Or maybe you have shown up to that really important meeting only to realize that you have snot all over your shoulder after hugging your little one goodbye. Your sense of humor sometimes is all that you have to get you through so throw your head back and laugh out loud. Know that sometimes life happens and a sense of humor will get you through a lot.

Give these tricks a try and you will find yourself turning into that sassy, get it done Mom, you set out to be.

All the best,

Visit Nicole’s blog at The Ninja Moms.

* We would love to know what you think! How do YOU do it? Do you have any tips you would like to add to Nicole’s ideas?

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