School’s Out Funday! by Molly Pitts

You know the shopping carts at some grocery stores that are shaped as cars? You know the ones-huge, uncontrollable, and just overall annoying. One of the reasons I don’t like taking all three of my kids to the store at the same time is because they beg to go into those car(t)s. I actually need them just to get my kids through the grocery store because they are all five and under, and fitting them all in to one cart just doesn’t work. The oldest could definitely walk, but then it is just annoying because she gets antsy and starts climbing on the cart almost causing a near disaster by tipping over the other two. I rarely give in to things, but today I will be using the car cart to my advantage.

Today there is no school. We have so much we can do in our small town on a rainy no school day–there is a kid’s museum, several indoor kids play zones, a gym for little ones, a movie theater, or even just tromping around in the soggy woods. But, I have an eight month old and she naps during all this fun time. I also have a house that I need to keep stocked with groceries to feed all these mouths around here. Most importantly, dinner needs to be cooked so I can beat out the magical witching hours of 4-6 PM. So, there will be no museums, playtime away from home, or even a walk.

My girls and I sat around the breakfast table today contemplating what we should do with our free day. I thought to myself, “How am I going to make this day seem super fun, yet accomplish my goal of getting all my grocery shopping done”. Mind you, I could easily go to the store tomorrow when the five-year old is at Kindergarten and the three-year old is at preschool for a few hours, but that would mean another night of pasta. It would also run the risk of living off of fifteen wet wipes until late morning tomorrow. No way, not gonna do it.

In a super excited voice, I say to my kids, “Hey, when G wakes up from her nap, how about we go to the grocery store? You all can ride in the big car cart AND get a cookie!!!” You would have thought I asked them to go to Disneyland. They literally started screaming with excitement. I immediately started dreading pushing that cart around. Not only does the handle come up to my throat (I am short), but I can barely see over the car in front and tend to bump into everything in the store. Oh well, I will get all my shopping done in one swoop! It’s moments like this when I think I am the most awesome Mom around. Nothing like a win/win situation!

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ckeilbart
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 15:03:20

    A day in the life of a busy mom!! Love it!!!!!


  2. Meredith
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 15:12:56

    You are waaaaay nicer than me. I let the boy sit in the car for one minute before entering the store.
    The one and only time he roped me into using one of those car(t)s he kept getting annoyed at me for stopping (to grab food) and continued sticking his head out, yelling for me to speed up. Not to mention that I’m a horrible driver of those gigantic things. I’ve never said, “Sorry!” to strangers so much in my life. The End!


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